Fresh Fish Rolls


  1. *SUN & MOON ROLL – $16.95

    Sun and Moon (2)
    Crab and Spicy Ahi w/ Fresh Ahi and Fresh Salmon on Top

    Hawaii Sunset
    Spicy Ahi, Crab  w/ Avocado, Salmon and Ahi on Top
  3. *JIN’S ROLL – $15.95

    Jin's Roll (2)
    Spicy Ahi, Ebi, Crab ,w/ Fresh Salmon and Green Onion on Top
  4. *PHILADELPHIA ROLL – $14.95

    Philadelphia (2)
    Cream Cheese, Avocado  w/ Fresh Salmon on Top
  5. *BLUE HAWAII ROLL – $16.95

    Blue hawii
    Shrimp Tempura and  w/ Fresh Ahi and Avocado on Top
  6. *SUNRISE ROLL – $14.95

    Sunrise (2)
    Crab and  Fresh Salmon and Avocado on Top
  7. *SUNSET ON THE BEACH – $15.95

    Sunset on the Beach (3)
    Spicy Ahi, Crab and  Fresh Ahi and Avacodo on Top
  8. *GOLD FISH ROLL – $17.95
    Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
    Spicy Ahi, Crab, Ebi and Fresh Ahi, Salmon and Unagi on Top


* Consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness