Spicy LOVER Rolls

  1. *KING OF FIRE – $15.95King of Fire

    King of Fire (2)
    Crab,  w/ Spicy Ahi, Crunch and Spicy Sauce on Top
  2. FIRE BRIDGE ROLL – $13.95

    Fire Bridge
    Spicy Crab and w/ Ebi and Avocado on Top
  3. HEARTS AND FIRE – $14.95

    Hearts and Fire (3)
    Spicy Shrimp, Crab w/ Masago, Crunch and Green Onion on top
  4. *RED PHENIX – $16.95

    Red Phenix (2)
    Crab and  w/ Fresh Ahi and Ebi on Top
  5. *PHENIX ROLL – $16.95

    Phenix Roll
    Crab and  w/ Ebi, Fresh Salmon and Spicy Sauce on top
  6. SPICY EEL DELUXE – $15.95

    SL371823 (2)
    Spicy Crab  w/ Unagi and Sesame Seed on Top
  7. *JIN’S & FIRE ROLL –  $16.95

    Jins and Fire (3)
    Spicy Crab and  w/ Salmon and Spicy Sauce on top
  8. *911 ROLL – $15.95

    911 (2)
    Spicy Tuna w/ Avocado, Chili Oil and Spicy Sauce on top
  9. SPICY ICHI ROLL – $14.95

    Spicy Ichi Roll (2)
    Spicy Shrimp Tempura and w/ Ebi and Spicy Sauce on Top
  10. *DRAGON TEARS – $15.95

    Dragon Tears (3)
    Crab and  Spicy Ahi, Crunch, Masago and Green Onion on Top

* Consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness